Wicked Mum killed her 2 year old son after he refused to eat a hot dog

Wicked Mum killed her 2 year old son  after he refused to eat a hot dog

A mother has been jailed for almost 20 years for her part in the death of her two-year-old son. Little Anthony Bunn was beaten unconscious by his mum and her boyfriend for refusing to eat a hot dog. He died two days later in hospital after the attack at their home in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Mum Elizabeth Woolheater pleaded guilty in August to second-degree murder and two counts of child abuse. She said she hit the boy for not eating the hot dog and then heard her boyfriend, Lucas Diel, hitting him more.
Police were called to reports of a child not breathing on May 4 last year. They said they arrived to find Anthony with injuries to his head and face. He was rushed to Wesley Medical Center in a critical condition but died on May 6 2018. A post mortem showed he had numerous broken bones, bruising, swelling to the brain and was malnourished.
On Friday, Woolheater was sentenced to 19 years and five months. Diel denied hitting Anthony but was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder. He is now serving a 49-year sentence. Records show that the Department for Children and Families (DCF) was alerted that the boy was being abused before he died.
Anthony’s grandfather Zak Woolheater said his two-year-old grandson was ‘the most amazing kid you will ever see.’ He said the family first suspected he was being abused in October 2017 when they saw bruises and marks on his head and body. Zak told local media: ‘We took action, we took him to Wesley hospital and reported suspicion of child abuse.’ Both the police and DCF investigated the allegations but the case never went anywhere as the district attorney could not find enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime.

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